Welcome from the Commander

I would like to express my great appreciation for your interest in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and more specifically the Major Robert M. White Camp #1250. You must be interested or you would not have linked to this web site.

Here, in Temple, Texas we still uphold the rich Southern heritage our forefathers provided us through their gallant efforts from 1861-1865. Their devotion to duty and their willingness to sacrifice all in the name of liberty and States Rights are what we honor.

The members of this camp cut across the social spectrum with each interested in learning more about our forefathers. To this end, we meet once a month at the Cotton Patch Restaurant in Temple where we always have a program that researches pieces of the Antebellum, War for Southern Independence, or Reconstruction eras.

I would like to invite you to join us at our next meeting. There you will receive a warm Southern greeting and quickly become part of Camp #1250. I look forward to meeting you!

James Bozeman, Commander - SCV Camp #1250

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